Resurfacing Treatments

Needle-Free Micro Needling

Experience Microchanneling, Wrinkle-Filling & Infusion at its best!
Dissolves naturally into the skin, filling in wrinkles, while creating channels to increase product absorption 
rate by 60%.  Additionally, other active ingredients are embedded into each tip which are released.
 into the epidermis as it dissolves.

Micro Needle with Facial                    $150.00
Micro Needle with Dermaplane         $250.00


Utilizing a tiny surgical blade, this exfoliation technique will remove the topmost layers of dead skin cells & Vellus Hairs (Peach Fuzz) that can trap dirt and oil, leaving the complexion looking dull.
This advanced level resurfacing treatment can help to correct uneven skin tone, acne scarring, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and hair on the face too lightly colored for lasers to pick up.
As a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with a full facial or light chemical peel, this treatment will leave your skin feeling "baby butt" smooth!  

Quick Plane                                                      $90.00
Dermaplane with Facial                               $150.00
Dermaplane with MicroNeedling               $250.00

Micro Dermabrasion

 Microdermabrasion “Lunchtime peel”          $65.00
Microdermabrasion with Facial                   $125.00
Microdermabrasion with Light Peel            $150.00

               Chemical Peels              

Lighter Peels
10% - 30%  Peels
10% - 40% lactic, glycolic & salicylic  acids
 promote gentle epidermal exfoliation without the harsh irritation of deeper peels.

$150.00 & up
  ($50.00 Post Peel Home Kit must be purchased with deep peels”)
Image Skincare's Clinical Couture Designer Peels.
Beneficial for most skin types, especially sun damaged, acne prone, and sensitive. 
*Recommended Treatment:  Series of 7 Peels every 2 Weeks.
Package Deal:  Buy 6, Get 7th Free!!!

The Signature Facelift
The Wrinkle Lift
The Acne Lift
The Lightening Lift
The Ormedic Lift (Sensitive)
The Perfecting Lift

"Peel Enhancers"
May be added to any peel to drastically enhance peel results!
$25 Each

Choose up to 2 of the following Boosters:
Vitamin - C
Stem Cell
Hyaluronic Acid
Kojic Acid

Deep Peels
     (Post Peel Home Kit is included with "deep peels”)
These custom blended acids are designed to aggressively exfoliate the epidermal layer of skin leaving behind bright baby soft skin. Excellent in removing pigmentation, fine lines, acne scarring and other skin texture issues. 
*Expect aggressive peeling with a week of down time.

"Tummy Tightening Peel"
Designed to tighten skin and reduce appearance of stretch marks.

The Facial Rx "Signature Deep Peels"

"The Melanin Lift"
Pigmented Skin Types
For skin types with pigmentation from sun damage or scarring, this peel serves to "lift & lighten" for a more even skin tone.  With the use of TCA/AHA acids and Melanin Supressant Serums, pigment stained cells are broken up and lifted to the surface.

"Apple Wine Firming & Toning"
Ageing Skin Types
This signature peel takes skin to a whole new level of health and appearance.  The layered blend of natural digestive milk enzymes and wine extracts create a serious peel that minimizes fine lines, reduces pigmentation, softens skin tissue, smooths skin texture, and balances hydration.